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At OAK N4 we stock more than 180 wines by the bottle, to drink-in or take-away.  30 or so of these are available by the glass. Our wine list is continuously reviewed with new wines added regularly. Winemakers often drop by to run wine tastings and and if you happen to be here you could be part of discovering new wines for our list.


To accompany your wine we offer a selection of mixed antipasti platters, sardines, mussels, nuts, olives and fresh bread.

Events at OAK N4

We run scheduled and ad hoc events at OAK N4. Our bite size informal tastings -so called ‘Wine Flights’ – are every first Tuesday of the month. These are relaxed and fun introductions to wine tasting.


Our Wine+Social are more in-depth wine tasting sessions, for those who want to build on their knowledge. Check out what is on this month here.


But then…any evening could turn into an impromptu tasting of wines at OAK N4 so make sure you always have your nose, eyes and taste buds at the ready.

Beer is made by men, wine by God. – Martin Luther


Our 180 or so different wines come from all over the world. We choose from a broad array of wines that best match their region. For example you’ll find our Rieslings come from Germany or Australia’s Eden or Clare Valleys but never from Spain. This is because we believe there is reason – be it climate, tradition or grower’s knowledge – for a grape to be at its best. We change wines by the glass every quarter so you will never get bored by the same old Sauvignon Blanc.


  • Now here’s something that you might not have thought about when you’re drinking in a wine bar, Japanese Sake. OAK N4 in Finsbury Park is leading the way by introducing sake and it’s typical of the challenge – always gentle of course – that they lay d

  • As yours truly walked the streets of town yesterday, collar turned up against an icy easterly straight from the Baltic and beneath leaden skies, I was pensive about the number of people I know who are undertaking a ‘dry’ January. Certainly, to my min

  • Along with Champagne, Bordeaux is one of the best-known wine regions in France and produces large quantities of very fine wine. In that respect it is probably the foremost region in the world for famous and high-quality wines.

What we are about

The best way to learn is to experience it at the same time. This is what makes us different. You can stop by to take-away a bottle for dinner, or you might drop in for a glass or two after work or sit in on one of our wine tastings. We help our customers to feel comfortable to talk about the wines they like, and to be open to finding out more. Our bite-sized and in-depth wine tasting sessions are really relaxed and put together so you can learn a bit or just have a good time, with friends.

Come in and meet us


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