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Customers love our rustic and welcoming furniture and décor. To match this look we commission local ceramic artists to create our plates and platters. We’re often asked where they were made and who designed them so here’s a little bit about these latest lovely objects introduced earlier this month.

Ceramic artist and maker, Ruben was born in Asturias, a province in the north of Spain, and his work echoes the beauty of that region. The area is a mixture of rugged cliffs, lush vegetation and wild, unspoiled beaches. The colours and textures he uses are inspired by these surroundings. Swirls of greens, blues and earthy browns make every piece distinctive and connected while at the same time unique.

Early jobs working in Japanese restaurants inspired him to begin as a potter. The Japanese have always created exquisite jugs, plates and bowls for robust use. Ruben was captivated by their incorporation of raw materials, and the methods and traditions used to create such beautiful yet functional tableware.

Of his designs for everyday use, some are rustic, others refined, but always a pleasure to hold and feel. All of his work is made entirely by hand, some wheel thrown, others carefully hand built. Ruben seeks to imbue each piece with both a sense of an artistic creation and daily utility.

The pieces that we use at OAK are inspired by the Mingei folk art movement. This is a centuries-old tradition of high quality crafts made by ordinary people with a focus on functionality. In the same way, Ruben accepts the vagaries of firing and glaze effects in what the Japanese call ‘wabi sabi’. This is a quintessential aesthetic, an observance of things that are imperfect and impermanent. The beauty lies in an objects modesty and usefulness as much as its surface design. Something that we can all realise and love.

After all, true beauty is more than skin-deep, isn’t it?


For more info about his work please follow this link.

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