Off the grid

– A Wine Bluffer guide

At OAK N4 we like to tell you about different varieties and producers and take you on little forays into new-ness.

This time around we are introducing wines from places like Oregon, Greece and Georgia. Here are three temptresses newly introduced to our shelves for you to try.

From Greece, and the ancient and oldest wine producing region of Attica, comes Malagousia. Bright lemon in colour with spring flowers, peach and mango on the nose and fruity with moderate acidity in the mouth. This dry white would pair well with squid stuffed with feta cheese or an aspagus risotto. The century-old Mylonas Winery has produced a very fine example of 100% Malagousia and you’ll love their beautiful labels too.

We’ve showcased wines from Georgia before in our blog about orange wine but here comes this white from producer, Pheasant’s Tears. The variety is Tsolikauri and probably a new experience for you. As is the taste, with lively tones of honeysuckle and kumquat. A terrific find we thought and now ready for you to discover too.

And, from Oregon on America’s west coast here is a wine that is – literally – Off the Grid.

Ovum ‘Off-the-Grid’ Riesling. The producers call it ‘a quiet beast’ of a wine. Rhein and Mosel GG all wrapped up in a tight ball of apricot pit, alder, crush rock and chamomile. The most texturally complex Off the Grid offering to date, the acidity is still racy and shocking given the weight on the palate. On the tongue and nose it’s all smoky minerals, salty wet rocks and yellow plum. This cool baby is incredibly light for its 13.5% alcohol and wonderfully off-dry. Think Wachau Smaragd (if you’re at all familiar dwarling) Riesling from a cool vintage. And with a 15 to 30 year aging potential, a real keeper too.


Come in and try these beauties and find out what else is new.

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