Chilly outside? Get Chile inside

Oh dear I hear you cry with headlines like that you’d better not give up the day job…but please do bear with me!

As the nights draw in and we start to search out our winter coats, we naturally start to think about the mellow fruitfulness of autumnal dishes. Coq au vin and beef stew with dumplings or perhaps an Indian curry? And of course, we need something to go with it and that’s where Chilean reds are so perfect.

You may have tried Chilean wine but perhaps don’t know too much about them? So here are three friendly amigos from OAK N4’s list for you to try.

A Los Vinateros Bravo, from way down south. Itata has the port city of Concepción as its capital, where the conquistadors arrived in the 1550s. They brought the Pais grape variety, also known as the Mission Grape. This particular wine comes from a very old vine – over100 years – grown on volcanic soil. Hand harvested and aged in large wood vessels for 14 months before bottling with a very coarse filtration. The delicate underbrush aromas of Itata’s wild grasses, red fruits and a little cassis are flavours that characterise this beauty. Fresh, delicate, marked by fine grain tannins for a unique structure and long lingering finish. Try it by the glass.

Also from Pais grapes, Tinte is best served cold and we love a glass before or after dinner. It goes well with cheese so you could try one of OAK N4s generous sharing platters to go with it. These vines are never watered and soak up the strong sun and Chilean elements. You’ll appreciate the strong flavours at this time of year.

And from Vina Von Siebenthal wines comes Carabantes, a blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon and Cameron’s hands-down favourite wine in the store. Cam says, ‘like being kissed by an angel every time you take a sip.’ This very small, sub-apellation of the Aconcagua Valley in Chile is one of the most exclusive and prestigious areas in Chile for the production of red Bordeaux blends. An area of semi-desert half way between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. As legend has it, Don Francisco de Carabantes, a Dominican friar, brought the first grapevines to Chile in the mid 16th century. Characterised by intense aromas of violets, rosemary and blueberries, this is an elegantly structured wine with finely balanced tannins.

Now’s the right time to enjoy these South American wines at OAK N4.

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