Going green

Perola do Lima, Vinho Verde, is proving a very popular choice in these hot summer evenings at OAK N4.  A blend of Alvarinho, Loureiro and Arinto gives zesty lime and green apple flavours with a refreshing spritz on the finish.

If you’ve ever holidayed in Portugal you are bound to have come across Vinho Verde (pronounced vin-yo vaird), a light, slightly fizzy* low alcohol wine, perfect for a balmy night.  Typically, though and as I write, the rain has just started outside my window, wrecking the last of my hollyhocks…ah well.

Vinho Verde does not mean ‘green’ wine. The word ‘Verde’ refers to it being a very young wine and the fact that it is bottled and on the market between three and six months after harvesting.

It comes from Portugal’s largest wine region in the very top left-hand corner of the Atlantic seaboard although much of it is protected from the ocean’s influence and has its own micro-climate. This area covers 51,000 acres of vineyards and producing a staggering 85 million litres of wine annually.

The Vinho Verde region is also a very old and has produced wine for over two millennia. It is said that this area was first settled by Celtic tribes who migrated from what is now the British Isles.  So, even then, two and a half thousand years before EasyJet we were traveling to Portugal for the wine, food and sun!

The wines of Vinho Verde have vibrant, bright fruit, and are quite refreshing with their low alcohol content. Lovely as an aperitif or paired with salads and seafood. Saude!

*Wine Bluffer says: The term used in the trade for this slight fizziness is ‘pettilance’, such a lovely and descriptive word don’t you think?

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