Riesling to be cheerful

We’ve all heard of Riesling (pronounced ‘reece-ling’) but what do we really know about this commonly grown variety of grape?

It is up there with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc as one of the three cornerstones of so many great white wines. Riesling is grown extensively in Germany, especially the Pfalz and Mosel regions, in Alsace and Austria and in Australia too, particularly in the Eden and Clare Valleys to the north of Adelaide.

It’s an aromatic grape, high in fruit, low in body and alcohol, but big on acidity and sometimes ‘off-dry’ which these days means off-trend, where the search for dryness usually sends us down the Sauvignon Blanc route.

Rieslings are – in terms of flavour – punchy, with lime, green apple, jasmine and even sometimes a little petrol as the dominant flavours, often countered by a nutty beeswax.

This high quality white grape variety has the capability to age well, way beyond its two siblings – Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc – and is sometimes kept for decades. It’s also highly versatile and presents in a wide range of styles from fully dry to lusciously sweet, but don’t let that put you off.

Try OAK N4’s Von Buhl Riesling Trocken 2015, an organic wine from Pfalz in Germany, an extension of the Vosges mountains of the Alsace. This is light in alcohol with a dry finish, superbly refreshing and bursting with fragrant Riesling fruit. This region’s high levels of soil minerality, cool climate and traditional wine-making approach combine to produce Rieslings that are world renowned. This example is no exception and good place to start.

If you’re quick, Wines of Germany are running a promotion ’31 Days of Riesling’ where you can win a fabulous trip to Cologne or Dusseldorf. All you have to do to enter is snap a picture of you or your friends enjoying German Riesling, tag it OAK N4, and use the hashtag #RieslingMoment2017 to post it on Twitter @WinesofGermany.

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