Action Manu

Meet Manu, OAK N4’s gregarious and super-friendly manager.  He hails from Macerata in Le Marche, just inland from Ancona on Italy’s Adriatic coast.

He left for the United States at the tender age of 19 to train as a commercial airline pilot but somehow wound up running teams of DJs for dance clubs around Europe’s hottest venues.

When he tired of the constant travelling around he settled as a general manager of a restaurant and eventually followed his early passion into wine. Retrained under wine mentor John Jaswilowicz Manu became a specialist expert in sherry, making several trips to Spain to visit the bodegas.

His passion for wine matched the OAK N4 ethos of trying something new and he joined in 2016.

Underlying his genteel charm Manu is quite the action man. If he’s not skiing the vertical slopes of the Dolomites he’s diving the underground rivers of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Just the man then to take you off piste or dive deeper into the world of wine. He’s a massive fan of the organic wines on the list, just ask him to recommend.

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