Oh, my God-ello!

The shining star of last month’s Wine Flight has become an OAK N4 favourite with our regulars.


Godelia, Godello, Dona Blanca hails from Bierzo in the province of Galicia, the top left of Spain on the map.

This is an aromatic and intense wine where the natural citrus acidity is tempered by a nutty flavour. Of course, it goes particularly well with Galician cheeses. Why not go for one of those pointy ones like San Simon da Costa or a cheeky Tetilla, literally little nipple…oooh missus!.

The Godello variety is something of a modern success story. Having reached near extinction in the 70s it has risen again, now punching its weight with the likes of Albarino in the premier league of Spanish winemaking. It was scored 93/100 by Wine Spectator.

In terms of style it is often compared to Chardonnay and can come in un-oaked or oaked styles. Our Godelia is firmly in the former camp and has a fresh and lively feel in the mouth. This wine is in fact a blend, 80% Godello and 20% Doña blanca, both are local grapes with strong personalities.

If you fancy trying this elegantly aromatic and complex wine you’re in luck as it is available to buy by the bottle or drink by the glass at OAK N4.

Dominantly floral with light fruity and mineral notes. Fresh and creamy, its long finish will linger on your tongue. Come along and join the Godelia fan club.

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