“A chance meeting starts a love affair”

That’s an actual customer quote by the way. I couldn’t really claim that OAK N4 is a pick-up joint but we have had reports of a few romantic meetings. I guess that when you get a lot of like-minded people together it’s bound to happen!

It’s in part due to the atmosphere at OAK N4. We set out to make people feel comfortable and we get a great mix of young professionals meeting up, parents escaping for the evening and couples who just want to share a bottle of wine in relaxed surroundings.

For me, it all started a couple of years ago in Germany when I met this guy who had travelled around the world to different vineyards. He’d found great stories and brought back great wines, all of which he was happy to spend time sharing. I thought that was a great concept. And as we tried a few glasses (and then a few bottles!) an idea formed of how I could do this back in London.

That chance meeting in Hannover really put the hook in me. Not just to improve my knowledge of wine, but to really look for the best wine styles from around the world. I guess you could say that makes me an enthusiast and I find it’s infectious. I love a challenge, and to challenge our customers, in a friendly way of course! When I ask what you normally drink I like to suggest something different, so you can learn a little and experience something new. For instance, if you say that you love German Riesling then I might point you to some of the wonderful Riesling from the Eden and Clare Valleys in South Australia. Once you start to discover new wines you’ll feel the enthusiasm growing in you too.

For most of our customers the world of wine is vast and complicated, so I guess I’ve tried to turn that into a virtue at OAK N4. Sure, you know that a certain wine style is to your taste, but going ever so slightly off-piste means that you are armed with a little more knowledge. That really adds to your confidence when it comes to making your next purchase. Plus, you never know, when you’re open to something new, you might come away with more than just a different bottle!

Cam McKeown, OAK N4 Founder

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