Night flight to Finsbury Park

My girlfriend and I went to OAK N4 last night for a structured wine-tasting, known in the trade as a ‘Wine Flight’. OAK N4 have a beautifully, I might even say romantically, lit place right next to Finsbury Park station. Very close to the Park Theatre if you know that? It’s something that’s very different for the area and s-o-o-o-o welcome. A relaxed wine bar and store, which last night was full of couples, small groups and singles. All very chilled.

They hold these ‘flights’ on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm with a different theme every flight. Last night, with six others, we tasted three aromatic white wines, different styles from three very different places. Raul was our host, a kind of Zen master when it comes to wine, and made us feel very welcome and relaxed. Afterwards it dawned on us that we had learned quite a lot.

I had thought that you couldn’t really have big flavours without lots of alcohol but he said that this was not the case, and so it proved with the three wines chosen around 13% abv. He taught us the all-important stuff about how to look and sniff and roll the wine around the mouth. How to judge a light-bodied wine from a bolder wine and what these complex terms really meant in relation to sweetness, acidity and alcohol. We learnt to pinpoint the flavours and accurately describe them, much to his twinkly-eyed amusement. That it was ok for some wines to have hint of petrol in them! And, also think about what these wines could be paired with. One of them was so nutty that I immediately thought to myself that it was crying out for a little Pecorino cheese to go with it.

Towards the end, Raul left the group alone for five minutes. When he returned we were all chatting away to each other like long-lost friends. But importantly, we were talking about wine, which got another knowing smile.

Wine flights cost £15pp. Max 10 people per session. Book online or give them a call.

Upcoming wine flights

Tuesday 2 May – Sauvignon Blanc

Tuesday 6 June – Rose wines

Tuesday 4 July – Sparkling wines

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