The road to enlightenment…or enrichment

Selecting your wine is usually a matter of filtering and making small choices. But we’ve found that that can lead you down well-worn paths and ultimately to dissatisfaction. For instance, the Pinot Noir you tried this week wasn’t as great as the one last week so you go back to your original choice. Too boring!

We want our customers to discover different wines. So, we’ve mixed them up a bit. You won’t find them arranged with the usual country flags sticking out like you would in a supermarket. You know that you can’t simply select based on the label. So how do we help you navigate?

First off, choose white or red. So, that’ll be the left-hand wall or the right-hand wall, okay?

Next our wines are laid out horizontally, from the lightest on the left to the richest on the right. By richness we mean a combination of body and flavour intensity, but you get the idea? A wine on the left is something you might have with a delicate salad, while a wine on the right could hold its own when in a more powerful company. Got it!

By this point you’ll be thinking about price, and again that’s easy with prices highest on the topmost shelf and lowest on the bottom shelf. Simples..!

Or, forget all that and just ask us. We are always on-hand to advise you and chat through what kind of wines you like. We might suggest something with a similar structure but from a different country. Or something completely different entirely. Hey, it’s a voyage of discovery, corny we know but it really is!

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