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‘How did you choose the wine list?’ We get asked this all the time.

Key to choosing the wines was ensuring that our list was inclusive. At OAK N4 we are all about being local and friendly and we wanted our wines to try to embody that concept. That means making sure that there are wines for everyone that comes into the store.

We get a wide range of ages in the customers who visit. The young crowd are crazy about new varietals but are often surprised by the more traditional, old world wines that we stock. And vice versa with our more mature customers.

‘It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut with your wine choices,’ says Cameron, OAK N4 founder. ‘Our customers love it when we gently nudge them off-piste to try new wines, showing them alternatives. And every time they try something new they get more confident and adventurous. Regular customers come in and say, “Hey Cam, I’d like to try something new?!” and that’s really refreshing.’

OAK N4 is different, it’s not a pub and it’s not a restaurant. It’s not your traditional wine bar either. The space is there to enjoy the 150 or so bottles on the shelves and 30 by the glass but also to understand what you are drinking. What do you experience when you drink a wine full of tannins? Or a very acidic wine? How do you notice if a wine is full bodied, is young, could do with some more time in the cellar? That’s where we come in.

The wines by the glass are rotated once every few months and the entire wine list is always evolving. Wines are added to or replaced whenever we discover something we love. This evolution is about exciting our customers, and bringing them new wines to discover. Keeping it fresh and interesting.

You’re welcome to choose something from the bottle list and drink it in the store, or try a glass and take a bottle home for dinner. But the main thing is to be brave enough try new wines. We see it as our job to give you that confidence. Just ask us. It’s a big world out there!

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