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‘OAK N4 is really the culmination of a dream for me,’ says Raul at OAK N4. ‘It’s a rare and beautiful concept that you just don’t see in the UK…or in Europe either for that matter.’

Raul Diaz, originally from Chile, has 16 years in the wine trade and runs a wine consultancy offering personalised teaching, tailored wine tours and memorable events.

‘For me it’s all about the education,’ says Raul. ‘People genuinely want to learn more about wine but many feel intimidated by the vastness of the subject and the snobbery that surrounds it. I meet lots of people on my wine courses that feel almost a weight of embarrassment about their lack of wine knowledge. No-one wants to look stupid and that’s why at OAK N4 we set out to change all that.’

OAK N4’s Tuesday evening Wine Flights are the embodiment of Raul’s approach. They are informal and highly popular (you’ll need to book) non-academic, relaxed and friendly sessions held in the store.

Each month focuses on a themed group of wines. February introduced Spanish reds, March is about New World Reds, April focuses on Aromatic wines and so on.

These really are relaxed sessions – Raul calls them ‘super-chill out’ sessions – where you’ll learn more through experience than being taught. We ask you to describe and compare and to articulate not just what you like about the wines but how you feel about them.

If you’d like to book a Tuesday Wine Flight click here for the programme and featured wine themes.

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